Vision and Values

At the heart of any successful collaboration is shared purpose expressed through professional trust, effective communication and personal connection.

Our vision

RET is a Trust rooted in its community and based on strong shared values of inclusivity, high standards and respectful relationships. We are dedicated to high quality education for 4-19 year olds with powerful collaboration at its heart. We believe that single sex education 11-16 allows young people to develop free from stereotypes and with the freedom to shape their own unique and precious identities.

Our ethos of ‘everyone a leader’ develops young people who are resilient, confident and articulate and staff who take responsibility for high standards, drive innovation and are continually improving.

We set ambitious targets for our students at all key stages and empower them to achieve these and reach their full potential. We know that high quality qualifications will open the doors to their best futures. 

Student behaviour is impeccable and attendance is high because students choose to behave well and take responsibility for their learning. Our students respect each other and the staff and they enjoy coming to school. We care about the wellbeing of our students and staff and make this an everyday priority.

We believe that the quality of the curriculum, both in-school and remote, is at the heart of what we do and we are determined to ensure that our curriculum from 4-19 is seamless, inclusive and exciting, using technology in enabling and innovative ways.

Social justice matters to us all and we are determined that our most vulnerable students, our Spotlight Students, thrive. 

The culture of the Trust is inclusive and ambitious: we invest in the professional development of all our staff because we know that high quality teaching and learning benefits all students and benefits Spotlight Students disproportionately. We want morale to be high and for people to enjoy coming to work each day.  

We are outward facing, enthusiastic to learn from the best, to welcome others in to our schools and to share our good practice with others.

Our values

Our shared values of high standards in teaching and learning, respectful relationships and an inclusive community are at the centre of our work.

Ret values


Our schools

Didcot Girls’ School is also a lead Teaching School in the Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance and has DfE sponsor status.

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