RET Policies

Our policies are developed by senior members of staff within the Trust to reflect the strategic direction agreed by the Trustees and statutory requirements. Polices are scheduled for initial review by a member of the RET Executive Leadership, prior to Committee review. They are ratified by the Trust Board or Chief Executive Officer.


Page Downloads Date  
Acceptable Use RET Policy Nov 19 02nd Mar 2020 Download
Allegations of abuse against staff RET p... 02nd Mar 2020 Download
Personal use of Internet RET procedure N... 02nd Mar 2020 Download
Separated Parents policy RET Mar 2022 01st Mar 2022 Download
Use of images RET procedure Sept 2019 02nd Mar 2020 Download
Use of Reasonable Force in Behaviour Man... 02nd Mar 2020 Download
Whistleblowing Policy RET Dec 2019 02nd Mar 2020 Download
Charging and Remissions RET Policy Mar 2... 09th Mar 2022 Download
Attendance Policy Coronavirus RET 2020 2... 07th Sep 2020 Download
Exclusions Policy RET Oct 2020 12th Oct 2020 Download
Gifts and Hospitality RET Policy Oct 202... 12th Oct 2020 Download
Managing Medicines RET Policy Oct 2020 23rd Oct 2020 Download
Supporting Students with Medical Needs R... 23rd Oct 2020 Download
Bereavement Guidance RET Policy Oct 2020 04th Nov 2020 Download
Trustee and Governor Expenses RET Policy... 02nd Dec 2020 Download
Online Safety RET Policy Dec 2020 15th Dec 2020 Download
Managing serial and unreasonable complai... 15th Dec 2020 Download
Data Protection Policy RET GDPR Complian... 10th Jun 2021 Download
Designated Teacher for Looked after and... 13th Oct 2021 Download
Safer Recruitment RET February 2022 01st Feb 2022 Download
Anti Fraud and Corruption Policy RET Dec... 08th Dec 2021 Download
Health and Safety Policy Statement RET 2... 08th Dec 2021 Download
Risk Management Strategy RET Dec 2021 08th Dec 2021 Download
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